Hormonal Imbalance and Hair Fall: Homeopathy Medicine for Hair fall

Hormonal Imbalance And Hair Fall: Homeopathy Medicine For Hair Fall

Hormonal Imbalance and Hair Fall: Homeopathy Medicine for Hair fall

Good hair makes a female confident and stylish. She cuts, styles and loves her hair but she gets disappointed when these lovely and stylish locks start shedding or thinning. Hair fall is common problem among men and women. There are many people who have been suffering from the hair fall problem for long time and looking for the best solution to deal with it.


There may be several reasons of hair fall that vary from temporary to permanent. Sometimes women feel problem of thinning hair or hair loss after delivery or during pregnancy. This may be the temporary hair fall as it occurs due to hormonal imbalance in body. Sometimes people face hair fall problem after dengue, typhoid, accident, major injuries and other complicated situations, this is also a temporary phase of hair fall. Here in this guide we will discuss how hormonal imbalance would affect the hair growth.


Why always women have to face hair fall problem after menopause, delivery, and during pregnancy? Hormonal imbalance is the only reason behind it.



Excess Estrogen


This is main hormone in women body that acts as power player. It brings lots of health benefits and keeps you happy if it is balanced. You feel energetic, healthy and in good mood with balanced estrogen level in body. It also alleviated your mood and enhances sex drive. If estrogen level increases, it will cause perimenopause, weight gain; toxicity can leaf to shedding hair. During pregnancy estrogen levels peak and cause sudden hair loss and after pregnancy estrogen level drops down and cause hair loss again.


This kind of hair fall is not permanent, you will definitely see hair growth or controlled hair fall after 5-6 months. If you have tried lots of home remedies, hair treatments, herbal supplements to get rid of hair fall problem, but you did not succeed. You should look for Homeopathy Medicine for Hair fall as it works really very well and control hair fall within few weeks.


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