Reasons why you’re Losing Your Hair

Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Hair

Reasons why you’re Losing Your Hair

Yes this is true that man is more likely to lose his hair than a woman. It may occur mostly due to male pattern baldness. But a woman also suffers from the problem of hair loss and hair thinning. There may be various reasons of hair fall that may vary from temporary to permanent. Some common reasons of hair loss include vitamin deficiencies, stress, hectic lifestyle and much more. Here we have discussed 5 most common reasons of hair loss.


Physical Stress

Any kind of physical stress can cause hair fall. It may include accident, surgery, physical trauma, severe illness and much more. These kinds of situations can trigger Telogen effluvium. Actually hair has a life cycle including 3 phases: Growth, Rest and Shedding phase. When you feel stressed, it can push your life cycle to shedding phase. You can notice hair loss for 3-6 months after any physical trauma. But this is temporary hair loss; you will starts hair growth after your recovery. Homeopathy Medicine for Hair fall is available to deal with the temporary hair fall problems, so you can look into it.




Lack of Protein

If you don’t get enough protein, your body may shut down hair growth. You should include protein in your diet in order to avoid hair problems. There are many sources of proteins that you can include in your daily diet such as eggs, meats, fish, pulses and much more.


Male pattern baldness

About 1 out of 5 men experience baldness or hair loss by age 50 or 60. It may be the main cause of male pattern baldness. There are some reasons of this problem include male sex hormone, genes and much more. Homeopathy Medicine for Baldness is available and you can try them to get desired results. Homeopathy is safe to use and it never bring side or harmful effects to body.


There may be many more reasons behind the problem of hair loss including Anemia, pregnancy, heredity, Hypothyroidism, Vitamin B deficiency, Dramatic weight loss and much more. But homeopathy has always been effective in dealing with all sorts of hair loss problems.




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